BHR Recap

In recognition of National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, WomenShelter of Long Beach hosted its very first Building Healthy Relationships through Prevention Education Youth Conference (BHR Youth Conference) on Saturday, February 24, 2018. The event was open to youth 11-18 years old, transitional aged youth 18-24 years old, and adult caregivers with breakfast and lunch provided at absolutely no cost.

The purpose of this awareness-raising event was to create a safe space for youth and adults to have conversations centered upon identifying unhealthy relationship behaviors, recognizing the influence of technology and social media on relationships, and to garner the knowledge and skills necessary to keep themselves and those around them healthy and safe. Nearly 100 youth and adults attended the event! We are grateful beyond words for such a great turn out. It is only through community involvement and education that WSLB is able to work towards preventing teen dating violence, eliminating domestic violence, and promoting healthy, safe communities!


interACT is a nationally renowned social justice performance troupe based out of California State University, Long Beach. Since its birth in 2000, the troupe has reached thousands of audience members through its “proactive” (highest level of audience involvement) shows. During performances audience members are invited on stage to become active participants, rather than passive observers. The performances allow audience members a safe space to rehearse assertive communication strategies and inspire social and political change. For more information about interACT, please contact:

Dr. Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Ph.D
Dr. Subrahmanyam is the Chair of the Department of Child & Family Studies at California State University, Los Angeles and Associate Director of the Children’s Digital Media Center @ Los Angeles (UCLA/CSULA). She is a nationally-recognized expert regarding the role of interactive media in the lives of children and families, and her papers have received over 6000 Google scholar citations. She has studied the developmental implications of chat rooms, blogs, social networking sites, and virtual worlds with a focus on the development of identity and intimacy. Currently she is examining the relation between digital communication and well-being. Dr. Subrahmanyam has published numerous research articles and book chapters on youth and digital media; her research has been published in top journals of the field such as Developmental Psychology and Child Development.

For The Child
For over 40 years For The Child has strengthened families, prevented the trauma of child abuse, neglect and exposure to violence and helped low-income children and families heal when it has occurred. Their mission is to build healthy lives for children and families, free of abuse, neglect, and violence. For more information, please visit their website:

WomenShelter of Long Beach Youth Leaders

  1. Maria Carter
  2. Stephanie Castillo
  3. Kristi Gedris
  4. Mia Hernandez
  5. Omar Lezma
  6. Yvonne Macias
  1. Mary Orozco
  2. Samantha Pittman
  3. Ellis Sanchez
  4. Meghan Stanford
  5. Lilly Waing
  6. Pafracio Vallente

Many thanks to the Kohl's Cares team and Casa Youth Shelter Leadership Program participants!