Pride 21

Panel Discussion: DV and the LGBTQ Community: June 10, 2021. 4pm-5:30pm. Register to Attend.

Join WomenShelter of Long Beach this June 2021 for PRIDE Month to support the LGBTQ+ community! WSLB is excited to host a panel event titled “Domestic Violence & the LGBTQ+ Community: Youth-Related Barriers to Safety.”

Date: June 10, 2021 Thursday
Time: 4-5:30pm
Where: Virtual (Zoom)

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Panel Description
In this Panel Discussion, expert panelists who identify as LGBTQ+ will provide insight on the impact of intimate partner violence on LGBTQ+ youth. Our panelists will speak on the various barriers that LGBTQ+ youth experience while disclosing abuse information, risk factors for dating violence, advice towards parents and guardians who wish to create a welcoming space to talk about gender and sexuality, and more.

Intersectionality & Trauma-Informed Framework
Our panelists and moderators will utilize an intersectional and trauma-informed approach in their discussions related to domestic violence, taking into consideration the added impact of race, nationality, and disability based oppression and marginalization. Due to the complex interplay among the intersections of the LGBTQ+ community, particular attention and respect must be paid to the multiplicities that exist in peoples’ lives.

The LGBTQ+ Community & Youth
The LGBTQ+ community faces additional challenges when it comes to accessing legal, medical, or other services/resources. Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ people experience forms of violence at higher rates compared to heterosexual and cisgender people. When it comes to youth, it may be harder for LGBTQ+ youth to disclose abuse information to close friends and family members due to fear of judgement of their sexuality or gender, and unwarranted homophobic or transphobic attitudes. This includes LGBTQ+ youth having difficulty recognizing that they are victims of abuse due to fact that intimate partner violence is typically defined in a heterosexual or cisgender context, such as the lack of LGBTQ+ representation within media.

Additionally, LGBTQ+ youth may not be completely comfortable with openly discussing their sexual and gender identity yet, as they may still be navigating what it means to be in a relationship and whom they wish to have romantic and sexual relationships with. Therefore, the conversation around DV and youth is incredibly important.

Meet Our Panelists

Zach McLaughlin

Wendy Linderholm, PsyD

Live Salas

Kendall Mayhew

Zachary McLaughlin: Zach uses they/them and he/him pronouns and occupies Nisenan land in what is also known as Penryn, northeast of Sacramento. He is a neurodivergent, bi-queer student currently pursuing his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at University of California, San Francisco/San Francisco State University. When not engaged in school, he can be found reading avidly (currently absorbing the stories of Colonize This!), journaling, lifting weights, and most importantly petting his parents’ goofy boxer dog, Henry. He also spend a lot of time volunteering with Bay Area elementary, middle, and high schools giving lessons on the benefits of exercise, physical therapy, and pathways to higher education. He has also been working with the University of California’s CARE office at UCSF to bring education and support to students about healthy relationships and navigating interpersonal violence. He is honored to be a part of this panel and looks forward to being in the presence of so many brilliant humans!

Wendy Linderholm, PsyD: Wendy Linderholm, PsyD is a licensed Clinical Health Psychologist. Her career is focused on bringing full mind-body-spiritual healing to all people in medical settings. She holds degrees in Biology and Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, a masters and doctorate in Clinical Health Psychology from Alliant International University in Los Angeles, CA, completed a 3-year post-doctoral training program for Behavioral Health in Family Medicine and Oncology followed by a fellowship in Behavioral Health and Family Systems education.

Dr. Linderholm is currently a core faculty member and Director of Behavioral Health in the Family Medicine Residency Program at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and has worked throughout medicine in neurology and with the Huntington’s Disease community, in the fields of HIV, oncology, disaster mental health, and works actively with the LGBTQ+ community.  While Dr. Linderholm spends her career time teaching physicians how to assess and treat mental illness, how to create healthy balance for their own stressful careers and working with doctors and patients to find their resiliency, she spends her free time finding her own balance by racing Hawaiian outrigger canoes in the open ocean.

Live Salas: Live’s pronouns are Elle, They, Them, Theirs. Live graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Feminist Studies Degree in Law, Politics, and Social Change. During their time at UCSC, they collaborated with the Smith Renaissance Society & the Lionel Cantu Center to improve and expand services for special circumstance and LGBTQ+ students. Since graduating from UCSC, Live remains dedicated to empowering their gender-expansive community by cultivating safe, affirming spaces as a Health Educator & Outreach Worker with the LGBTQ+ program, We Exist. When they are not working, they enjoy spending their time organizing with CAT-911 Long Beach to build police-free neighborhoods throughout their hometown of Long Beach.

Kendall Mayhew: Kendall Mayhew is an actor, writer, caregiver and community organizer. She has spent the past few years helping to build the organization Ground Game LA, and the local media outlet Knock LA to shed light on our local political systems and to help build local community power. Kendall's experiences as an intersex and non-binary person have deeply shaped her understanding of the world and her place in the fight for liberation.

You’re Invited!
We encourage youth, parents, guardians, teachers, educators, service providers, working professionals, and community members to attend our Domestic Violence & the LGBTQ+ Community Panel event to learn more about how to support LGBTQ+ youth who may be experiencing intimate partner violence.

Closed Captioning is available. For any questions or accessibility info, email Angela Kim, Outreach and Education Coordinator, at (e-mail).

Event Sponsored by Port of Long Beach (link)Thank you to the Port of Long Beach for sponsoring our prevention education events!