WSLB Victim and Survivor Services

WomenShelter of Long Beach is here to help. All of our services are free and confidential.

If you need immediate assistance including safe housing, please call our 24-hour confidential hotline at 562-437-4663 (562-437-HOME) to speak to one of our trained domestic violence advocates. Advocates are standing by ready to provide you with help, support, safety planning, and resources. Call the Domestic Violence Resource Center at 562-437-7233 if you are in need of counseling, referrals, and help to leave an abusive relationship, or if you have already escaped.

All WSLB services are inclusive: all victims of domestic violence, including women, men, teens, children, and individuals in same-sex relationships are welcome at WSLB.
Services are provided in English and Spanish.

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline

Trained domestic violence counselor advocates are prepared to answer calls from anyone who is experiencing domestic violence or dating violence. Operators provide support, assistance and emergency referral services.

Emergency Supportive Housing

WSLB’s Emergency Supportive Housing offers immediate housing to victims of domestic violence and their children. At Shelter, clients are provided with supportive services such as case management, therapy, peer-counseling, legal and healthy advocacy, housing assistance, support groups, life-skills building, parenting education, and much more. All services are provided to help those whose lives have been affected by violence transition back into the community.

Domestic Violence Resource Center (DVRC)

If you are a victim of domestic violence or dating abuse, or believe that you might be experiencing some form of intimate partner violence, you can stop by Monday through Friday (8:30am to 5pm) to meet with one of our specially trained domestic violence counselor advocates. Our advocates are prepared to offer client centered supportive services, crisis management, resources, and referrals.

If you are not in need of shelter services, but require other nonresidential support you may enroll for free, confidential services offered through WSLB’s DVRC client center. Here, enrolled clients are offered intensive case management, support groups, peer-counseling, therapy, domestic violence education, legal and health advocacy, family services, life-skills building, parenting education, special self-esteem building workshops, and more.

Support Group for Male Victims

WSLB recognizes that men can be victims of domestic violence. All agency services provided through our Emergency Shelter and Domestic Violence Resource Center are also available to male victims of domestic violence. Contact the Domestic Violence Resource Center at 562-437-7233 or call our hotline at 562-436-4663.


WSLB’s program is open to all victims of domestic violence. Our agency assists LGBTQ victims involved in domestic and intimate partner abuse/violence. WSLB’s Outreach Center hosts an LGBTQ group facilitated by the Center Long Beach.

Children and Youth Services

WomenShelter of Long Beach offers free supportive services to children and youth victims of domestic violence. Children and youth ages 7-17 may enroll to receive peer-counseling, support groups, therapy, and more. WSLB offers transitional age youth (TAY) ages 18-24 with services tailored to meet the needs of young adults experiencing or recovering from domestic abuse. In addition, any teen who is in, or may have experienced, an abusive relationship may participate in our special group that addresses the dynamics of teen dating violence. Here teen dating violence victims receive education, peer-counseling, and case management.

Family Services

Enrolled clients are offered individual family sessions where parents and their children work with a peer-counselor to increase family communication through honest and open conversations. These sessions, held in a supportive and safe environment, encourage parent-child bonding.

WomenShelter of Long Beach prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status in all of its programs, activities, and employment practices.